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Bedlam Lasertag Sheffield


Phone: 0844 247 3271


NG22 9FG


Working Hours:

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Two free places worth £50 for parties over 12 people.

What’s Included

Laser tagger with unlimted ammo..Fires infra-red beams – no impact

Play two of Games

Fun, outdoor experience

Perfect for birthdays

If you have ever enjoyed dreams where you are blasting your way through a Quake or Call of Duty, this is a real life adventure.

Enjoy a fantastic thrilling Laser Tag session.

State-of-the-art team game

Laser Tag is a state-of-the-art, tactical team game using infra-red light in the place of paintballs.

Available in two hour sessions throughout the day, seven days a week, the offer is for up to twelve people to experience the thrill of a Laser Tag party.

Over the course of two hours, each group will battle their way through different missions. All missions are fully supervised by experienced Laser Tag staff.

Players aged eight and above are welcome.

Fast and furious fun

A game consists of two teams of players; each has a mission objective and must fight to achieve it.

Players are ‘tagged’ when ‘shot’ by a beam of light. These beams are shot from high tech, easy to use laser guns.

The laser guns use a harmless infra-red beam, similar to a TV remote. Sensors worn by each player can pick up the beams and, if these are hit, the player loses ‘life force’.

There is no physical impact with Laser Tag beams so players have no need for protective equipment.

Variety of games

Bedlam’s Laser Tag venues have many different and exciting game zones – something no other Laser Tag centre can offer.

You could be running around in the woods, manically trying to capture the flag. You might be attacking or defending the awesome Black Fortress or trying to clear out the haunted church.

No two missions are the same and each one will require cunning strategy, smart tactics and a steady nerve.

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